The Red Gate Gallery Cultural Exchange Project caption…

The Red Gate Gallery Cultural Exchange Project

Hard Sleeper - Oct 30th to Nov 14th Red Gate Gallery Beijing

During September/October 2010 – The Red Gate Gallery Cultural Exchange Project brought Indigenous and emerging artists from Australia for a 1 month tour of arts communities and historic sites in the provincial Chinese cities of Pingyao, Xian, Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, Shanghai and Suzhou. As a part of the tour the artists visited Xingren Primary School built by Bluescope in the earthquake ravaged province of Sichuan, participated in a cross cultural forum in Chengdu and were VIP guests of the Australian Pavilion at Shanghai Expo

The artists then enjoying a 1 month artist residency at the Red Gate Artists Residency Studio Lofts in Beijing where they engaged in a comprehensive program of cultural exchange including visits to artists studios and galleries in 798 Art District, Chaochangdi and Songzhuang Artists Village

A stunning exhibition of their work titled Hard Sleeper opened at Red Gate Gallery Dongbienmen Watchtower Beijing on October 30th 2010

An AUCTION of two special artworks painted by Guy Mastri & Frances Belle Parker, on steel panels from the newly ‘decommissioned’ Australian Pavilion raised over $17,000US for the Xingren Primary School in Sichuan and the Epenarra School in the remote Northern Territory of Australia

Participating artists included:

Fiona Foley
Guy Maestri
Frances Belle Parker
Peter Gardiner
China de la Vega
Philip Hannaford
Zhou Xiaoping

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