Catherine Croll Collection

Eclectia – The Catherine Croll Collection

One of the most contemporary private art collections in the Hunter.

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Ms Croll has provided inspiration, support and opportunities to a decade of young and emerging artists, assisting them to exhibit their work and build their audience.

To do so she has been instrumental in the establishment of the Newcastle Fringe Art Crawl, Newcastle Art Space (NAS Gallery), the Annual Emerging Art Prize and the West End Precinct Shopfront, ‘Art Walk’.

Ms Croll also serves on the Historic Reserve Trust which oversees the John Paynter Gallery and Police Museum, and has judged dozens of art competitions including the Maitland Art Prize, Pokolbin Portrait Prize and Mattara Festival Art Exhibition.

“There are many collectors in Newcastle (some more private than others) and they all understand that the act of collecting provides local artists with the funds required to pursue their artistic goals and the emotional support which gives them the confidence to grasp a fragile future with both hands.”

ECTECTIA is collated from works by over 50 individual artists and aims to provide a guide to budding philanthropists of the future.

“I purchase a work because it excites me, pushes the boundaries, explores new mediums or represents a unique moment in time.”

Newcastle, through its strong educational infrastructure, provides an excellent opportunity for the ‘collector’ to observe the growth of young artists.

Through their years of annual student exhibitions at Watt Space or Hunter Street TAFE, their transition to artist run spaces such as Back to Back, Newcastle Art Space and The John Paynter Gallery and finally their emergence into commercial galleries including The John Miller Gallery, The Damien Minton Gallery and the regional public galleries in Lake Macquarie, Newcastle and Maitland.

The Newcastle Herald, The Sunday Telegraph

The Catherine Croll Collection features the work of:
Angela Armstrong, Simone Baird, Michael Bell, Tracy Bertram, Bethany, Darryl Bowes, Dallas Bray, Rhett Brewer, Gabrielle Collins, Michael Cusack, Aaron Ellis, Neil Emerson, Shelly Evans, Sheree Flemming, Jason Fletcher, The Fong Sisters, Peter Gardiner, Frank Gerardi, Jane Gilchrist, Kristen Glynn, Isabel Gomez, Paul Harris, Adam Hartree, Lucas Heyes, Andrew Hmelnitski, Trevor Horsnell, Sam Hughes, Andrew Jackson, Penelope Jones, Dominic Kavanah, Tom Kearney, Lucy Kelly, Bernadette Krone, Jane Lander, Peter Lankas, Matt Longsworth, Joseph Lysartt, Euan McLeod, Ken O’Regan, John Pitman, Isabella Pluta, Chris Porter, Michael Randall, Julie Reed, Natelie Reid, Haley Renee, Leo Robba, Natalie Sherring, Vicki Sienczuk, Craig Simpson, Bernadette Smith & Julie Reed, Brigette Smith, Jennifer Smith, Neal Smith, Braddon Snape, Jan Snitt, Spare Parts Industries, Peter Speight, Isabelle Strachan, The Strutt Twins, Luke Thurgate, Richard Tipping, Martin Trew, John Turier, Andy Vagg, Vicki Walker, Bridie Watt, Clare Weeks, Anthony J Williams, Graham Wilson, Ross Woodrow etc.


  1. Gwen Tonge says:

    I live an address where Bridie Watt lived many years ago. Each year, I receive her State Super mail. Despite many ‘return to sender’ ticks in boxes,this mail keeps coming. I have tried to find Bridie, or a current address – via galleries etc – I even put an ad in the paper.
    Obsessive I am I know, but if i were my mail, I would be interested to know that I was worth a few thousand. An internet search on the spur of the moment led me to the site. If you can provide a contact address or email, or put her it touch with me, I would appreciate it. Thanks, Gwen

    • I exhibit Bridie Watt at Nanshe Gallery. I know her adress but I have not asked if I can send it to you. You could however send me an email which I could send on to Bridie. Barb Nanshe

  2. claude sanicki says:

    can u kindly contact me when available
    thanking you

    claude sanicki

  3. Hi Catherine you appear to have very good taste in art and love to support local artists. Have you been into Nanshe studio gallery shop at 148b Beaumont street yet? I support local artists and have some great exhibitions coming up this year. I would love to see you here sometime or you could contact me on to be placed on my mailing list so I can notify you when the exhibitions change and there is an opening.
    Barb Nanshe

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