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Australian photographer Catherine Croll embarks on her journey of discovery in Guizhou province. photo Feng Jianguo

May 2016

Interview with Helen Gregory – Newcastle Herald

Editors Choice – ABC Radio

Interview with Robert Virtue – ABC Digital

Interview with Paul Lobb – NBN News

April 2016

Interviews with Bruce Connolly – Beijing Radio

August 2015

Interview with Neda Vanovac – AAP Darwin

May 2015

Culture Victoria website – Creative Life

Radio National – Books and Arts with Michael Cathcart

The Age / SMH written by Bhakthi Puvanenthiran

Hepburn Shire Advocate

March 2015

Interview with ABC Ballarat:

Photographs included in i-94 Bar Interview

July 2014

Series of interviews with Beijing Radio:

Interview with Sarah Bond and Jason Wing on ABC Weekend Arts

June 2014

The Guardian:

China Daily (On-Line):

January 2014

Interview on 2SER Radio:

June 2013

Art Monthly‘ – Issue 260 June 2013

  • ‘Two Generations Reviewing OZ’

February 2013

Review of Snake Snake Snake by Luise Guest:

Interview with ABC Radio Journalist, Sheila Pham:

Video of one of the exhibition forums:

January 2013

Catherine chats with ‘Arts Hub‘ about her career:

October 2012

Australia China Youth Dialogue – Beijing, China

June 2012

Asialink Arts Residency Program 20 Years On – Australia Council Artery Magazine

October 2011

An Australian retraces route of Long March
By Yang Guang (China Daily)

In late September, Croll was invited to join China: The New Long March, a large media project organized by Qingdao Publishing Group and Australian Media Group Weldon International to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Long March, the massive military retreat undertaken by the Red Army from Jiangxi to Shaanxi provinces to evade being pursued by the Kuomintang in 1934 and 1935.

A select group of photographers from China and abroad were dispatched to sections along the route of the original Long March to put together a portrait of China today.

A photo album, a related documentary and other multimedia materials were released in multiple languages in early 2012.

June 2011

Hunter Lifestyle Magazine – story by Marilyn Collins

November 2010

On the Edge – New Media & Hybrid Art from Australia arrives in Beijing and attracts high levels of media attention.

DJ Wasabi performing at Punk Bar in Beijing as part of the Imagine Australia series.

Australian artists swap digital skills with locals
By Todd Balazovic (China Daily)
Updated: 2010-11-22 07:50

Recent workshop is platform for trade in new media industry

The capital’s trendsetters got a lesson from down under in new media music techniques by some of Australia’s leading artists over the weekend.

In a cultural exchange organized by the Australian embassy, 10 of the country’s best digital artists were flown in to Beijing to give a new spin on multimedia music.

The troupe offered exclusive new media training mixing with more than 100 of Beijing’s best designers, fashionistas and artists, helping teach attendees how to synchronize music and visuals with the click of a mouse.

“We all have so much to learn from each other,” said Fei Jun, a new media professor from the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in Beijing, who attended the first workshop.

Under the guidance of Australia’s brightest stars, Beijing’s designers gathered at Original Design in Sanlitun Village for a pair of four-hour exchanges of tips and tricks as part of the Imagine Australia series, a yearlong program dedicated to cultural exchange with China.

On the Edge Interview
By Benjamin Hass (Guest Contributor – Pangbianr)

Australian photographer and art director Catherine Croll has become a cultural ambassador between two worlds. Jonah M. Kessel

October 2009

China Daily – Beijing
How Sweeping Strokes Can Link Cultures:

Since 2005, China is Catherine Croll’s second home. A photographer and printmaker engaged in multi-disciplinary arts practices such as installation and video art, Croll has spent the last four years facilitating arts exchange between Australia and China. Her journey in arts management began with planning and hosting community cultural development programs in Australia. In 2007, after a whirlwind tour through 40 cities in China, she earned herself a residency with Red Gate Gallery in Beijing. Her findings about the country’s immensely vibrant and diverse cultural landscape went into a series of books: China: a Portrait, China: a Passage, China: a Palate and so on. Curating the From Mao to Now show at the Sydney Olympic Park in 2008, a cultural show to mark Beijing Olympics, reaffirmed her Chinese connection. Eighty Australian Chinese artists were featured, showcasing how the art of the two countries keep inspiring each other. …more

Coming Home on ABC TV

Coming Home on ABC TV

May 2009

ABC TV News Breakfast Show

December 2008

Australian Art Monthly – Artnotes
Issue 216, Summer Dec-Feb, 2008

August 2008

Australian Art Review – Feature
Crossing Cultures” pp 46 – 49
Issue 16, Aug-Oct, 2008

February 2008

Newcastle Herald
Gloria Petyarre Gift to Newcastle Region Art Gallery

Catherine Croll and the five panel Gloria Petyarre - Newcastle Herald

Catherine Croll and the five panel Gloria Petyarre – Newcastle Herald

Precious Painting Generous Gift to City

AFTER Catherine Croll and her family sorted out her father’s estate, which included a lot of modern art, she said she was determined to pass on precious works for others to enjoy before she died.

After listening to the apology to the stolen generations at Newcastle City Hall on Wednesday, Ms Croll walked across Civic Park and saw her newly donated painting to the Newcastle Region Gallery, a work by Aboriginal artist Gloria Petyarre, hung and ready for viewing.

“It was uplifting, seeing the painting installed in a public gallery for the entire community to enjoy” she said.

Petyarre’s painting in acrylic, Leaves 2001, covers five panels and is the centrepiece of a new show that opens today.

Petyarre, born about 1945, is from Anungara in the Northern Territory and a member of the Utopia art community.

Ms Croll, of Newcastle East, said her father bought the work in the mid-1990s.

Author: By FRANCES THOMPSON Date: 15/02/2008

December 2007

Australian Art Monthly – Artnotes
Issue 206, Summer Dec-Feb, 2007

Photographic travels

In 2006-07 photographer Catherine Croll traveled 20,000 km solo across mainland China and Tibet by local bus, train and ferry to compile a portfolio of photographs which captures a country and people in a period of rapid change. Catherine Croll first visited China on a grant from the Australia Council for the Arts to research and document traditional cultural practices and their interface with changing, modern China. Her current residency at Red Gate Galley has provided her with the contacts and resources required to publish a collection of her images and deliver 60 portraits for the newly refurbished Wangfujing Hostel in central Beijing. During November Catherine worked with the Shanghai Propaganda Museum to assess the feasibility of staging an exhibition of posters from the Cultural Revolution at Sydney Olympic Park during the Beijing Olympic Games. RN

Catherine Croll with her Exhibition - Catherines great Adventure

Catherine Croll with her Exhibition – Catherines great Adventure

March 2007

The Daily Telegraph – Article
“Catherine’s Great Adventure”
DTM 28 March 2007: Artist Catherine Croll with her exhibition ‘Double Happiness – Catherine’s Great Adventure’ at the John Paynter Gallery in Newcastle. The exhibition includes 350 photographs which colourfully illustrate Croll’s three month journey across China & Tibet. Published: The Daily Telegraph – March 29, 2007 Page: 020 Edition: NE Keywords: Photography Photograph Photo Pic. Liam Driver.

February 2004

ABC Radio 1233 – Interview with Lindy Burns listen

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