On The Edge – 锋芒无限-点到即止

On the Edge – New Media & Hybrid Arts from Australia

Initiated and managed by Catherine Croll as part of:

Imagine Australia – 想象澳大利亚

The Year of Australian Culture in China, titled Imagine Australia, provided us with an excellent opportunity to showcase the work of some of Australia’s very best young artists


On the Edge – 锋芒无限-点到即止

Brought Australia’s very best new media artists, musicians, digital animators, film makers, robics experts, electronic specialists and laser lighting designers to collaborate with young Chinese new media artists during a series of skills development workshops followed by interactive public performances to be held in Beijing, Chengdu and Chongqing


All of the On the Edge tour members have been selected because of their history of working with others to explore new methods of creating interactive art and extensive experience in community collaboration, mentoring of other young people from remote and emerging communities, skills exchange and performance both in Australia and internationally


To date they have created: the world’s first audio-visual battle record, avatar nightclubs, interactive installations, electromechanical museum installations, huge sound sculptures, award winning ‘music’ clips, solar powered sound systems, extraordinary street art and new digital games


Many of our artists have international reputations in their fields of expertise and all are highly skilled in creating stimulating environments and presenting interactive performances incorporating laser light, soundscapes, film and music which will both entertain and inform your audiences


Our project also included a series of skills development workshops to be held for young Chinese artists and students during the lead up to the performances. These workshops assited in providing specialist skills in DJing, VJing, laser light technology, digital animation and sound installation


DJ Wasabi China Daily

Participating Artists:

DJ Wasabi
Robin Fox
Shakthi (Curious Works)
Rhys Turner
Richie Allen
Monkey Marc
Tanz El-Gamal

Key Dates:

November 13 School Bar – 53 Wudaoying Hutong, Dongcheng
Ph: 64028881 东城区五道营胡同53号

November 17 New Media Workshops (BOOKED OUT)

November 18 Punk Bar – Opposite House 11 Sanlitun Rd
Ph: 64105222 三⾥里里屯11号

November 19 d-lounge – Courtyard 4, Gongti Beilu, Sanlitun South
Ph: 6593-7710 ⼯工体北路4号院

November 18/19 Workshops – DJ, VJ, New Media, Sound, Laser Light
Original Design Circle – B1 Sanlitun Village 1 – 5pm

November 20/21 Interactive Public Performances
Sanlitun Village Piazza 3-4pm & 6-7pm daily

November 24/25 Workshops and Interactive Public Performances
Organhaus Art Space Chongqing

November 27/28 Workshops and Interactive Public Performances
Chengdu International Photography Center

For details and bookings visit: On the Edge or Imagine Australia

Media Coverage:

Australian artists swap digital skills with locals
By Todd Balazovic (China Daily)

On the Edge Interview
By Benjamin Hass (Guest Contributor – Pangbianr)

Sponsors and Assistance:

On the Edge is proudly supported by the Australian Government through the Australia International Cultural Council, an initiative of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, The Australia China Council, The Australian Embassy Beijing, Swire Properties Sanlitun Village, Chengdu International Photography Center, Organhaus Chongqing & Tetris Sound Studios Melbourne

DJ Wasabi is sponsored by Newmark, Acton (China), Think Centre Lenovo (China)

Catherine Croll is supported by a Professional Development Grant from Asialink


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