Moganshan Road Art District

Today I visited the Moganshan Road art district (M50), located in cluster of old factories and warehouses in a bend of the West Suzhou Creek Road. The large concrete buildings, house the studios of many of Shanghai’s most innovative painters, photographers and multi media artists and galleries including BizArt, Shanghart, ArtistLinks and Eastlink

  • Bizart, Building 7, 4F
  • Art Scene Warehouse, Building 4, 2F
  • EastLink Gallery, Building 6, 5F
  • Shanghart, Building 16 & 18
  • At .5 to 5 RMB per sq. meter per day the rent for a comfortable studio with loft style accomadation is very affordable

    “Today we have around 100 artists here, including nearly all the hottest artists in the city. We receive nearly 400 visitors here each day, and most of them are Westerners.”

    says Di Lifeng, project manager of M50

    I spent hours wandering around visiting ‘working’ artists, drinking tea and discussing the future plans of the more entrepreneurial gallery directors. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming, a very stimulating experience!

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