Red Gate Gallery – Artist in Residence

Red Gate Residency

Red Gate Gallery Artist in Residence Program is an international artists residency program providing artists, curators, writers, and academics with the opportunity to live and create work in China.

Our objective is to provide facilities for artists to easily start their projects and offer a community in which they can participate as much as they like.

As a member of RES ARTIS, the International Association of Residential Arts Centers, we are committed to the promotion of multicultural arts dialogue within an immersion setting.

Red Gate assists all participants to connect with the art scene, meet local Chinese artists and to source art materials. We provide the necessary support and encouragement to help you get the most out of your stay here. We help get you settled, show you around, tell you where to buy the best Peking Duck, which part of the Great Wall not to go to, and where and when the latest openings are. All residents are invited to Red Gate Gallery events, including private dinners after the openings.

The Red Gate Care Package covers airport pickup, a welcome packet with everything from local maps, guide books, and a taxi guide, orientation, internet hook-up and local phone, as well as a welcome dinner for you to meet the other residents. In addition, we also keep all our residents up to date on gallery openings and other occasions. We are here for our residents regarding any concerns or needs that they may have during their stay.

Program Partners and Memberships

Red Gate Gallery is supporting the residency programs of  Associação Cultural VideobrasilAsia New Zealand Foundation Arabian Wings,  Cultural Forum of AustriaChippendale Creative PrecinctCreative New ZealandDavidoff Art Initiative Goethe-Institut China,  Khazanah Nasinal Berhad and Red Mansion Foundation.

In the past we have supported the Australia-China Council,  Taipei Artist Village, and Ssamzie, Korea and are currently developing initiatives involving Singapore, Canada, the UK, Taiwan, Ireland and France.

For more information and application forms view:

Red Gate Gallery Residency Facilities

Artist Residency Program Online Application

Join our online communities at:

Red Gate Residency (Facebook)

China Residencies (Facebook)

For more personal information contact:

Catherine (Kate) Croll
Australia: 0419427002
International: +61 419427002
Beijing Mobile: (+86)15101575037
Beijing Home: (+8610) 65825635


  1. Marc Siegner says:

    Hello Kate, Remember me??? I am thinking of a return visit next spring provided I can obtain some funding from here again. I have already contacted Liu Ling, my translator from this past spring, and she is interested in working with me on a more ambitious version of my film project. Most of my footage from this past visit is useless but I have been able to obtain a much better camera and have done some fine tuning on my project goals. At any rate, I just wanted to touch base and see what I had to do to apply again. I would need a studio again for 4 weeks though this time I will be doing more editing while I am there. Do you know of some facilities I can rent for editing and what the cost might be? Have your costs changed, ie studio rent and application fee? What about printmaking, do you have any access to presses or suggestions for where I can access a printmaking studio?
    O look forward to hearing from you and to seeing your smiling face again! Oh, almost forgot, would it be possible to have an exhibition of my prints at the Red Gate Gallery while I am there (I could probably fill the gallery) or is that a matter for Brian?

    • Hello Mark,

      I’m back in Australia (this website is blocked in China so sorry about the lenghty delay)

      I passed your original email on to Crystal Bell (who is coordinating the Residency Program)… I hope she was able to help out… I’ll be back in China from may 2010… when are you planning to visit??



  1. […] fact, she’s been living in Beijing for most of this year year, running the Artist in Residence Program at Red Gate […]

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