Hawkesbury One Collective

We are a group of friends from Sydney and Newcastle who have joined together to collect contemporary Australian art from the first decade of this century. We are citizen collectors. ABC TV’s Art Nation reported on the group from the opening of an exhibition of our collection at the Newcastle Region Art Gallery.

Art Nation Story – Citizen Collectors – Hawkesbury One

You can also see the story on the Art Nation website http://www.abc.net.au/arts/stories/s3258957.htm

You can fead the story of how we came into existence by visiting Hawkesbury One and selecting Citizen Collectors from the menu. This website also records our story over the ten year period.

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Hawkesbury One has collected works by artists including Adam Cullen, Patricia Piccinini, Neal Smith, Dorothy Napangardi, Michael Bell, Lucas Grogan, Callum Morton, Shaun Gladwell, David Rosetzky, Newell Harry, Tracey Moffat, James Angus, Luke Temby, Guo Jian, Liam Benson, Song Ling, Pamela See, Alex Gereg, Elaine Campaner, Joachim Froses, Clinton Nain, Richard Wastell and Destiny Deacon. The works include painting, drawing, video, photography, sculpture and installation.

A full list of works can be viewed by visiting Hawkesbury One and selecting Our Collection from the menu

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