Cultural Planning

Bicentennial Park – Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush
In 2005/6 Catherine was employed as an ‘action researcher’ by the Sydney Olympic Park Authority, in this position she utilized a variety of innovative consultative techniques which resulted in over 2000 park users participating in the identification of arts and cultural facilities and activities which were then prioritized and incorporated into the Bicentennial Park Cultural Plan.

Southern Councils Group – Illawarra Region, New South Wales
In 2004/5 Catherine conducted extensive participatory action research (PAR) in the Illawarra Region of NSW, Australia in order to establish the arts and cultural development needs of the area. This process involved consultation with all major providers, local government authorities and arts practitioners. The resulting ‘Illawarra Cultural Status Report‘ accurately reflects the regions needs and aspirations.

Palmerston City Council – Northern Territory, Australia
In 2004 Catherine was employed by the Northern Territory Government (Australia) to conduct community consultation with all major arts and cultural providers, local government authorities and remote indigenous communities, in order to produce a training package entitled ‘’Working with Community’’. Her action research methods guaranteed that the contents of the package accurately met the need of the identified market and requirements of the funding bodies.


  1. Mark Reynolds says:

    Hi Catherine

    Fantastic site your friend has done a fantastic job. You keep the work coming sis your doing great things.

    Cheers Mark big hugs

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