Living in Beijing

I’m very comfortable here and can move around easily and safely, my Chinese is hysterical (at least the Chinese think so)… Many of the new comers (little creative souls from all corners of the globe even seek out my advice (and seem to enjoy my company)

My book is being printed… I’ve actually started drawing and painting, which I blame my friend Brian Wallace for cos he’s offered me free accommodation out in the artist commune – north west of Beijing and there is nothing else to do, and there are great big white walls and piles of paper and oil paint and silence and its warmer in the fridge than in the studio……..

I had dinner in the village with the local ‘framer’ (an artisan – like the old days – respected as a master) and he ordered ‘dog’ (gou ruo) and it tastes a bit like corned beef but not ‘salty’… after someone fished the pad of the paw with a claw still attached from the hot pot bowl my interest in experimentation died completely.

This morning, off to Wangfujing (the main shopping street next to the Forbidden City) to meet with Zhang, the Chinese girl who’s studying at La Salle (Singapore). We did the MAPD marketing course together in Melbourne just before I left Australia and she’d like to do an exhibition of my work ‘for the Chinese’ … in Qingdao, so we’ll see what happens…

Tonight an exhibition opening here, at ‘Shangri-la”, a group show (east/west) with a bonfire (thank god) and African dancers / drummers (there are a lot of Africans in China)

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