Pearl Market

Spent the afternoon at the pearl market – 4 stories of ‘rocks’ interspersed with electronics, watches, cosmetics, folk arts rolls of material (silk, cotton, linen, denim and clothing, from t-shirts to wedding gowns to suits to funky multi coloured fur coats).

Managed to purchase a number of beautiful hand painted silk kites from tiny insects a couple of inches across to eagles with a 2 meter wing span, and a goldfish, butterfly and 3 meter long dragon.

…and my favorite, a magic ’snow dome’ of the Great Wall of China for 10 Yuan

I also managed to find some, cotton, canvas and linen with traditional designs for the kids (Tom and Halzska)

Then the best spicy pork ribs cooked in masses of garlic and chilli – YUM

Sleepy now…

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